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Year end message and the promise of quality

A note to my customers and the decision to delay the release of a new product

Dear Collective,
As the year comes to a close there are a few things I wanted to say to all of you. Firstly, although I’ve been promoting the Conway ¼ zip for a month now, I have some unfortunate news.  I received the inventory earlier this week and the quality was sub-par compared to the original samples I had made. I pride myself on the quality of the goods I sell, and I cannot in good conscience allow any of you to purchase something from my store that I don’t believe in. In light of this, I am forced to redo the tops which will take roughly a month to complete. Once the issue has been fixed and the shirts are at the quality level you’ve come to expect from AC, I’ll be excited to announce their availability for purchase.  

Secondly, I simply want to thank all of you for your support this past year. When this was just a side business and something I did for fun, Athletes Collective had around 50 customers. I am happy to announce  that with your support we’ve sold to over 1300 athletes across 10 countries. By industry standards this may not sound like a lot, but for a new concept like an affordable unbranded sportswear line its something we’re very proud of.

I use the word we a lot even though I’m the only actual employee. It’s because I consider every one of my customers part of the company.  It’s not always easy to buy and trust a new brand of clothing, especially sportswear and especially when buying from an online retailer, but that’s what you all did. For the simple act of trying something new, I cannot thank you enough.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or just feel like chatting about sports, feel free to email me at

Happy Holidays and thanks for your continued support,

Adam Mintz - Founder and President

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