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To match or not to match.

Each summer I play for my inter-county doubles team, and each year I suggest that we have team uniforms, and each year I am told it’s not going to happen. We don’t want to spend the money, we want to wear out own clothes they tell me. So I try and do the next best thing; convince whomever my doubles partner is that week that we should wear the same colour t-shirt and shorts so we look like a team. This is often rebuffed, usually with laughter or mild distain. 'How awesome would it be' I tell them (with great enthusiasm), 'if we showed up to our match looking like a serious team?!' 'No', my partner tells me, 'I don’t care' (with great apathy), 'but how cool would we look???!!!' Adam, just no.

If you play on a rec league basketball or softball team, you happily wear your teams uniform, so why not in Tennis? Is doubles not a team sport? Are we worried our opponent might laugh at us and think we’re (heaven forbid) taking the match too seriously? I say if you look like a team, you'll feel like one and you’ll play like one. So get dressed, match up, and as Men's Wearhouse might tell you, 'you're going to like the way you look' and in this case play.

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