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In Praise of "C'MON!"


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On the day after my 34th birthday I stood and watched my 38 years old brother hustle, grind and emotionally will his way to win his tennis clubs division B tournament. Throughout the course of the match I noticed him mumbling to himself (as he often does during matches) both a positive and negative things. On important winning shots however I heard countless C’MON’s!!..much to the chagrin of his opponent. What’s more, I often heard his opponent audibly laugh as though my brother had said something silly; as though the finals of a rec league B division did not warrant such a show of emotion. One could argue that he was laughing as a means to shrug off my brothers exuberance, but to me it was a sign that he didn't care as much about winning the match. 

While there is something to be said about saying C’MON too often in moments where a silent fist pump will suffice, I am a firm believer that after winning a big point, a show of emotion is warranted and can in fact help you in a number of ways. It’s going to get you going for the next few points, keep you energy level up and most importantly, it’ll give your opponent something to think about. They’re going to realize you're up for the challenge and that they’re in for a real fight. Nothing's worse than realizing your opponent cares more about winning than you do. 

So the next time you’re playing a match, no matter what the level, no matter what the stakes, don’t ever feel bad for letting a C’MON fly when the moment presents itself. Now go enjoy one of the most mild mannered tennis player ever say C’MON over and over.  


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