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October 03, 2015


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The Perfect Athletic Tee: A Year In the Making

By now you know that we think we've created the perfect basic athletic tee. Hopefully you've even had a chance to try it out yourself (if not, what are you waiting for?!?). What you may not know is how many rounds of samples we went through before we were completely happy with our shirts and excited to share them with you. The truth is we spent a year perfecting our design and going through countless samples...seriously, the picture below is just a sampling of our samples!

While many apparel startups these days go on Kickstarter and raise money with the promise of sending you a shirt at some unknown time in the future, we wanted to come to market with a fully formed product. Call us old-fashioned, but if we're taking your money we want to give you something great in return right away so we bootstrapped our design and development costs and focused completely on working with our local manufacturing partner and fabric suppliers to get exactly the fit and finish we wanted. Athletes Collective may be new to you, but we've been at this for awhile behind the scenes making sure we could offer you a shirt that any established brand would be proud to put their name on right from the start.

How We Do It

This weekend we were out in the real world selling our shirts at the Mayfair West gym and tennis club in Toronto and while we love selling our products online, but it's always fun to have the opportunity to meet our customers and see their reactions to the shirts firsthand. One thing that kept coming up was people telling us they thought our shirts were softer and more comfortable than brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Lululemon, and how they were surprised we could offer that level of quality and fit at less than half the price of many of the shirts they usually wear to workout AND all that while making our products in Canada as well. So, how do we do it?

The truth is, it costs big brands far less to make their $60-80 shirts than it costs us to make ours considering the volume they produce at and the third world countries that house their factories, but by selling directly to you we're able to give you what we believe is easily the best $25 shirt you've ever owned. With a big brand you're paying retail markups so all the middlemen can get paid, you're paying for the flashy ads and multi-million dollar sponsorship deals AND on top of all that you're often paying for a shirt that makes you a walking advertisement for their brand. With us you're getting a quality product, made in small runs in Canada, with an intense focus on superior fit for the modern athlete and we don't plaster our logo all over your chest. You're not Lebron, you don't get any of his sponsorship money and the logo doesn't make you any better. With us you're the athlete. No logo required.

Athletes Collective is all about fit, feel and function and seeing people react positively to what we've created made for a great weekend. If you want to share your thoughts we always love hearing from our online customers too, using the hashtag #whatathlete on Instagram, by email at, or by leaving a review on our product pages. And if you haven't tried an Athletes Collective shirt yet...hop on over to our shop page and pick up your new favorite workout shirt. We guarantee it'll make you feel and look good in and out of the gym, no logo required.

Athletes Collective is redefining men’s sportswear. We believe in premium technically designed sportswear at a reasonable price without having to look like a walking billboard.  


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