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Year end message and the promise of quality

A note to my customers and the decision to delay the release of a new product

Dear Collective,
As the year comes to a close there are a few things I wanted to say to all of you. Firstly, although I’ve been promoting the Conway ¼ zip for a month now, I have some unfortunate news.  I received the inventory earlier this week and the quality was sub-par compared to the original samples I had made. I pride myself on the quality of the goods I sell, and I cannot in good conscience allow any of you to purchase something from my store that I don’t believe in. In light of this, I am forced to redo the tops which will take roughly a month to complete. Once the issue has been fixed and the shirts are at the quality level you’ve come to expect from AC, I’ll be excited to announce their availability for purchase.  

Secondly, I simply want to thank all of you for your support this past year. When this was just a side business and something I did for fun, Athletes Collective had around 50 customers. I am happy to announce  that with your support we’ve sold to over 1300 athletes across 10 countries. By industry standards this may not sound like a lot, but for a new concept like an affordable unbranded sportswear line its something we’re very proud of.

I use the word we a lot even though I’m the only actual employee. It’s because I consider every one of my customers part of the company.  It’s not always easy to buy and trust a new brand of clothing, especially sportswear and especially when buying from an online retailer, but that’s what you all did. For the simple act of trying something new, I cannot thank you enough.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or just feel like chatting about sports, feel free to email me at

Happy Holidays and thanks for your continued support,

Adam Mintz - Founder and President

AC Weekly Volume 1


Over the past year our blogs have consisted of new product launches and weekly specials and anecdotes about rec league sports, but we want to give you more than that. We want to give you useful info you can incorporate into your active lifestyle, and some not so useful sports videos that will keep you entertained when you need a break from work. So here’s what the AC Weekly will be all about. 


There’s a lot of fitness info out there and probably too much to sift through on a day-to-day basis. So we'll bring you workouts we’ve actually tried from various reputable publications, and then recommend the ones we think you'll like. For example, this circuit is a great 21 minute workout that will burn tons of calories and work every muscle in your body.  We can't promise you'll look like this guy, but it'll give you a hell of sweat.  

(Source: Men's Health)

Eating Healthy (tasty and easy to make)

We’re also going to recommend healthy and tasty recipes that we've tried that you can actually make, like this one from Jamie Oliver (in video form).  In addition we'll give you easy to follow health tips from leading experts. 


(Source: Food Tube)


Sports Are Awesome 

We’re not ESPN or TSN and we’re not here to bring you our version of Sports Centre. We’re here to give you that break from work your boss wishes you’d stop taking but that we wholeheartedly encourage. For starters, take five minutes to watch the world long drive champion hit a golf ball through a pineapple.


(Source: Dude Perfect)


Product Announcement

The Conway: Preview #2

In a little over a week we'll be launching the latest edition to our collection; The Conway 1/4 zip pullover.  Look out for our pre-sale email where our loyal customers (that would be all of you) will be eligible to purchase it at a very limited time price.  

What happens to a product when you take away the logo?

*Editors Note. As the lead up to the official 2016 Athletes Collection launch next week, we present a short series of posts focusing on what the Athletes Collective brand is all about.

Chevrolet recently releases this cleaver ad as part of their “real people not actors” series. They showed seemingly unsuspecting car consumers the new Chevy Malibu without any traces of the Chevy branding on it, asked them what they thought about the car and which brand they thought it was.



To their surprise it was indeed the new Chevy Malibu. Unsurprising however they were surprised.   When the logo goes away consumers are forced to judge a product based solely on its merit. As a result, most brands past the consumers brand bias test because there is no brand to be biased about. As a product category, few come with more internal biases than car brands.   The car brand you chose can (from an onlooker perspective) come to represent a lot about you without knowing anything about you.  Such is the case with many other product categories; fashion in particular, sportswear to be more specific.   When it comes to sports brands however, they come to represent less about your status as a person and more about the type of athlete you are and what sports tribe you belong to

As a brand, we at Athletes Collective understand that our products are not devoid of external signifiers about the kind of athlete you are. While our clothes don’t overtly tell the world which sports tribe you belong too, they do tell the world you’re an athlete that doesn't care about big brands or wearing what the pros wear. After all, being an ‘un-brand’ is still a form of brand, and tells the world something about you. Much like the Malibu, we’re hoping consumers like you don’t judge us because of our logo but because of our quality and design. Unlike Chevy however, quality and design are all you’ll ever have to judge us by (along with some super cool swag we include in each order) and we’re totally cool with that, in fact we're banking on it.  The all new 2016 unbranded Athletes Collection is now available online pre-launch, get it here.


2016 Athletes Collection Preview Part 3


Joey Sleeveless Tee

Rounding out the collection is the Joey Sleeveless Tee; a modified version of The Folkerson, with the perfect cut off starting point right at the shoulder. Introduced in three colours, the Joey is the perfect gym shirt, Basketball cutoff or Volleyball singlet.  

2016 Athletes Collection Preview - Part 2

In the second of a three part Athletes Collection preview, we showcase the Lyon Long Sleeve hybrid.  Such an awesome shirt, even our models are happier today. 

Lyon Long Sleeve

Designed for versatility, the Lyon Long Sleeve Hybrid serves multiple athletic purposes. Available in three dark tones, the slim but not fully compression fit makes this piece the perfect outdoor running shirt, but with a tight enough fit along the arms and narrow raglan fit on the body to serve as a base layer. The added length along the back of this Lyon gives athletes the ability to keep themselves tucked in for warmth or rolled up for maximum maneuverability.  Wear it for running, spinning, cold air workouts, as your hockey base layer or even under your golf shirt during those cooler rounds.  Available in Midnight Blue, Heather Grey and Black.

                                                                           Notice the added length along the back of the shirt.

2016 Athletes Collection Preview - Part 1

A special message to members of the Collective

Over the past year and a half, Athletes Collective existed as an experiment of sorts. Our hypothesis was that there are athletes out there who are tired of being walking billboards while playing sports, and equally tired of paying a premium to do so. During this period there was lots of trial and error.  On the positive side we received great reception from impartial athletes likes those at Run Haven and Run OregonOur concept even grabbed the attention of the Toronto Star, which ultimately lead to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. While our crowdfunding effords proved unsuccessful from a financial perspective, it helped to validate our hypothesis.  With over a 150 pledges from around the globe, we realized we weren't alone in the athletic universe; unbranded sportswear was truly something athletes were looking for. No longer an experiment, Athletes Collective is moving forward in a big way, with an all new collection officially launching in mid January of 2016, aptly named The Athletes Collection.  In the first of a three part series, we introduce you to our signature tee, The Folkerson and the D-series:

The Folkerson

The Folkerson, named for the founders high school gym teacher and his no nonsense approach to sports and fitness, has a midway athletic fit inspired by every guy's favourite knock around crew neck he’s washed and worn a thousand times that molds to his body like a glove.

The D-Series

A dynamic version of the Folkerson for those looking to stand out in a quiet way. Each month we will introduce a new style to the D-series, including special editions, seasonal prints and permanent staples to the collection. 


Tomorrow we preview the Lyon Long Sleeve, a versatile base layer perfect for all your cold weather activities.   



Athletes Collective is redefining men’s sportswear. We believe in premium technically designed sportswear at a reasonable price without having to look like a walking billboard.  


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