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It's business and it's very personal

An open letter to my now and future customers

The home office in Toronto
Dear Collective,


If you’ve ever ordered from us it means you’ve received a personal hand written note from me, Adam Mintz, President of Athletes Collective. Some of you have spoken to me through email where I’ve asked for your feedback or to exchange an item for a different size (I’m also customer service). Others have called our office line, which is actually my direct cell phone. When you reach out to Athletes Collective you are effectively reaching out to the owner, me, a 33 year old Montreal born but now Toronto dwelling sports and sportswear nut working out of his home office.

I am a terrible poker player, which means I can’t keep a straight face when I’m bluffing. This is the reason why I can’t sell anything I don’t first believe in and it’s the reason each garment fits as well as it does, because I can’t lie to myself and say something is great when it’s not. I won't sell anything that hasn't been tested to within an inch of its life and that doesn’t first fit me and all of my rec league buddies perfectly. 

As I’m sure is the case with most of you, sports is not just a game to me, it means so much more, and I have the broken tennis racquets from the most meaningless of friendly matches to prove it. Much like the notes, the customer service emails, the feedback emails, the old playing cards I put in each order, this company, this idea and the clothing itself, it’s not just about business, it is and will forever remain as personal as I can make it.

If you have any questions, comments or just feel like chatting about sports, feel free to email me at

Cheers and thanks for the continued support,

Adam Mintz - Founder and President


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