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You're getting older, and that's ok.

It creeps up on you and you have no control. The move you used in high school and in your 20s is getting stopped more often than you’d like. You can no longer grab the rim, and they’re blowing by you and you can’t catch up. They are younger, have more energy, jump higher and run faster. "Why is this happening" you ask yourself..."I used to be the fastest guy on the floor, I never got tired and never asked to sub out, what the hell is going on??!!"   You……are……getting…….older.

Do not fret my friends because as speed and quickness fade, strength and experience grow.  At the rec league level this counts more than you could ever imagine. The just out of high school or college kids are now playing against men, and news flash, that’s you….you are a man, they are still boys.   At 32 years old I was a good 10-12 years older than my last opponent. At 5’8’ however I managed to push around a 6’3’ forward, and why, because he'd never lifted a weight in his life. Meanwhile my 35 and older teammates play harder defence than anyone else in the league.  When you only play once a week and not three times like when you were 20, it just matters more. 

So keep your head up when you lose that first step and when you start to breath a little heavier. You’re getting older that’s for sure, but you’re just getting better.   

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