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A new kind of fit......page

One of my biggest frustrations when buying clothes online, especially with new brands, is not knowing what size to get. Unless it’s the exact same shirt or pair of shoes I’ve bought in the past, I find most brands vary from style to style. Inevitable I end up receiving a package with clothes that don’t fit, forcing me to make a return and reorder the right size. 

What I find even more frustrating is that most clothing websites show clothes on models but never say what size shirt they’re wearing or what the models actual dimensions are aside from their height, if that. As a non-model at 5’9’ (with shoes on) 158lbs (hardly model size) it’s hard to size myself compared to the fit models.  

That’s why we at Athletes Collective not only tell you our fit models measurement but have created a new kind of fit page that allows you to see how men of different shapes and sizes look in our clothes. Are you roughly 5’7’, 155lbs with a size 30 waist and a muscular build, then you might want to check out our customer Tony who’s around that size (shown above). He happens to be a size Small in the Black Lyon Long Sleeve and Grey Folkerson 

To help size future customers as accurately as possible, we're accepting photos of current customers in AC gear to give men the best chance to find a physical doppelganger and order the right size.  For your help, we’ll send you a front and back digital version of your card to use and share as you choose.   Send your photos and stats to team@athletescollective.com.   Oh, and if you're wondering why we put our customers in trading card, well, who doesn't want their own trading card?

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