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What happens to a product when you take away the logo?

*Editors Note. As the lead up to the official 2016 Athletes Collection launch next week, we present a short series of posts focusing on what the Athletes Collective brand is all about.

Chevrolet recently releases this cleaver ad as part of their “real people not actors” series. They showed seemingly unsuspecting car consumers the new Chevy Malibu without any traces of the Chevy branding on it, asked them what they thought about the car and which brand they thought it was.



To their surprise it was indeed the new Chevy Malibu. Unsurprising however they were surprised.   When the logo goes away consumers are forced to judge a product based solely on its merit. As a result, most brands past the consumers brand bias test because there is no brand to be biased about. As a product category, few come with more internal biases than car brands.   The car brand you chose can (from an onlooker perspective) come to represent a lot about you without knowing anything about you.  Such is the case with many other product categories; fashion in particular, sportswear to be more specific.   When it comes to sports brands however, they come to represent less about your status as a person and more about the type of athlete you are and what sports tribe you belong to

As a brand, we at Athletes Collective understand that our products are not devoid of external signifiers about the kind of athlete you are. While our clothes don’t overtly tell the world which sports tribe you belong too, they do tell the world you’re an athlete that doesn't care about big brands or wearing what the pros wear. After all, being an ‘un-brand’ is still a form of brand, and tells the world something about you. Much like the Malibu, we’re hoping consumers like you don’t judge us because of our logo but because of our quality and design. Unlike Chevy however, quality and design are all you’ll ever have to judge us by (along with some super cool swag we include in each order) and we’re totally cool with that, in fact we're banking on it.  The all new 2016 unbranded Athletes Collection is now available online pre-launch, get it here.


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