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2016 Athletes Collection Preview - Part 2

In the second of a three part Athletes Collection preview, we showcase the Lyon Long Sleeve hybrid.  Such an awesome shirt, even our models are happier today. 

Lyon Long Sleeve

Designed for versatility, the Lyon Long Sleeve Hybrid serves multiple athletic purposes. Available in three dark tones, the slim but not fully compression fit makes this piece the perfect outdoor running shirt, but with a tight enough fit along the arms and narrow raglan fit on the body to serve as a base layer. The added length along the back of this Lyon gives athletes the ability to keep themselves tucked in for warmth or rolled up for maximum maneuverability.  Wear it for running, spinning, cold air workouts, as your hockey base layer or even under your golf shirt during those cooler rounds.  Available in Midnight Blue, Heather Grey and Black.

                                                                           Notice the added length along the back of the shirt.

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