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2016 Athletes Collection Preview - Part 1

A special message to members of the Collective

Over the past year and a half, Athletes Collective existed as an experiment of sorts. Our hypothesis was that there are athletes out there who are tired of being walking billboards while playing sports, and equally tired of paying a premium to do so. During this period there was lots of trial and error.  On the positive side we received great reception from impartial athletes likes those at Run Haven and Run OregonOur concept even grabbed the attention of the Toronto Star, which ultimately lead to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. While our crowdfunding effords proved unsuccessful from a financial perspective, it helped to validate our hypothesis.  With over a 150 pledges from around the globe, we realized we weren't alone in the athletic universe; unbranded sportswear was truly something athletes were looking for. No longer an experiment, Athletes Collective is moving forward in a big way, with an all new collection officially launching in mid January of 2016, aptly named The Athletes Collection.  In the first of a three part series, we introduce you to our signature tee, The Folkerson and the D-series:

The Folkerson

The Folkerson, named for the founders high school gym teacher and his no nonsense approach to sports and fitness, has a midway athletic fit inspired by every guy's favourite knock around crew neck he’s washed and worn a thousand times that molds to his body like a glove.

The D-Series

A dynamic version of the Folkerson for those looking to stand out in a quiet way. Each month we will introduce a new style to the D-series, including special editions, seasonal prints and permanent staples to the collection. 


Tomorrow we preview the Lyon Long Sleeve, a versatile base layer perfect for all your cold weather activities.   



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Athletes Collective is redefining men’s sportswear. We believe in premium technically designed sportswear at a reasonable price without having to look like a walking billboard.  


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