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Snow bunnies need not apply.

What not to ask your snow sport crazed girlfriend on Opening Day of the Skiing/Snowboarding Season?  By Maria N.

**Editors note

More and more these days, men are women are being active together; whether that means working out, skiing, snowboarding or running with their partner.  That's why we're speaking to serious female athletes to give us some much needed advice on how to comport ourselves in the new a co-ed sports world. 

In our second instalment of this series, we reached out to Maria N; health coach, nutritionist, fitness trainer, amateur snowboarder and aspiring surfer, to educate us in the finer points of skiing & riding with a snow sport crazed female athlete. 

While I may not be a pro rider, what I lack in skill I more than make up for with passion, above and beyond anything you could possibly imagine. I have a love for snowboarding that can fuel a small village. I have endurance and I work my ass off for it.  So when you ride with girls like me there are a few things you should consider before asking the following questions:

Previous night - Can we go to bed already? 

Expect her response to be a simple but emphatic - NO! 
Girls are planners. Girls love prepping. All night long she will be mounting bindings and checking angles, testing stances, walking around in her new snowboarding boots to make them softer and comfier, packing up her ski backpack, putting together slope outfits in matching colors, all while praying to the snow gods for powder. She wants to ski/ride and she knows how she likes her gear, so she’ll make sure she has covered all her bases before she goes to sleep.

Day of - Do we have to be there at the crack of dawn? 

Yes - absolutely! If you want to go with her, you better be there for first chair. She's been looking forward to the first day of the season for longer than you can possible imagine. She has been waiting for the snow to start falling for months, better yet she has been praying for it. Skiing/snowboarding is all she thinks about during the winter months. At work, outside of work, at the gym, even when…yeah you guessed right... She probably works just to support the habit. She plans her weekends around the weather and mountain conditions, so don’t cut her fun even by an hour, as she may leave you at home to sleep late next time.

Lunchtime - Would you like to stop for lunch at the lodge?

Get these romantic ideas of having a meal with a view of the mountain out of your head. 
1) It’s not romantic but crowded, and 2) who needs food when there's powder. 
Remember last night? She prepped. When she packed her backpack, she probably put a couple of protein bars and trail mix in it, as well as a beer or two or a flask of whiskey. She wants to be shredding trails and becoming one with Mother Nature, not gathering in the lodge with everyone else, smelling sweaty gear and listening to kids screaming. She may stop for a beer or a hot chocolate with a shot of Fireball, but if she's anything like me she’ll do it at 2pm after the crowds are gone and go back out in 30min to enjoy the final 2 hours of the day.

3pm Are your legs tired?

Are you fucking kidding me? This girl’s got endurance, and she’ll give you a run for your money so you better be ready. She has worked out for months in the gym, stretched with weekly yoga classes, practiced her mobility and stability with snow conditioning exercises, she is ready, she is here, and she’ll earn her turns if she has to. She ain’t stopping before the lift closes and you better not try to be the party pooper.  She will ride for as long as the mountain allows.

After last run of the day - Wanna go home? 

How about you be cool for once? She wants a beer, no, she has earned a couple of beers. She wants to smile quietly at people at the bar and reminisce of the amazing day she just had. Or maybe she wants to share her joy with others and talk about her runs. She wants to think about her style, check her stance in pictures or better yet, the videos you took of her to relive it. Either way, let her have it her way. When you decided to take her to the mountain you wanted her to have fun, right?
Bonus tip - she will only love you extra if the the end of the day you offer her a full body massage and tuck her in bed. Now that she is home, she is sore and cold. She is a girl after all.  So if you plan on taking your girlfriend to the mountain on opening day, try not ruin it for her, otherwise you won’t hear the end of it…that is if you ever hear from her again.

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