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7 Dos and don'ts for watching the game with friends

As far as friendships and forming them go, for men, watching the game together is right up there. It’s how guys bond and how we end up enjoying the company of people we never thought in a million years we’d be able to spend more than five minutes in a room with. On the surface, watching a game with some buddy’s may seem like an innocuous event, however I believe there are certain do’s and don’t every guy should abide by.  They are as follows:

*Readers not: this is not a how to host a super bowl party article, that's a different animal/topic altogether. 

Do cheer, don't yell: 


During the first half, don’t yell at the screen every time a player on your team misses a defensive stop, and don't cheer like crazy ever time your team hits a free throw.  You don’t have to be silent, but keep your voice to conversational tone, not every first down deserves an ovation.  Save the the yelling, face in hand gestures and getting up from the couch for the closing moments of the game.   By the same token:


Don’t be the ‘it’s already over’ after the first five minutes of the game guy:

You’re team is down 1 goal (hockey) 10 points (basketball) 1 touchdown (football) 1 goal (soccer – OK maybe the game is over at this point), don’t automatically start yelling ‘it’s over, let’s switch the channel.’ Complain they’re loosing, but don’t complain they are the worst team ever and you shouldn’t even bother watching anymore (insert obvious Leafs joke made by Habs fan here). 


No one cares about your fantasy team (just don't) :

Unless you’re watching with other guys in your league or with guys who play in a separate league, don’t talk about your fantasy team, no one cares. Seriously, no one cares. Again and I can't stress this enough, just..I can't even. 


(Hosts) Do have have food and beverages on hand:

If you’re the host, have beer, soda and chips waiting for your guests. You don’t need to put out freshly fried wings, but have something to snack on. If you’re watching with one or two other people, pay for the pizza if you order one. More than three people eating, everyone should throw in a few bucks.


(Guests) Don't come empty handed:


Listen to your mom, don’t come empty handed. Beer and or chips will suffice, but don’t bring salt and vinegar, there's a special place in hell reserved for people who have that kind of nerve. Also, don’t bring a beer you've never tried that looked interesting because it's a micro brew made locally in some guys basement out in the woods. Name brand or something you know is good. 


Don't switch channels (unless it's to another game): 


If you’re there to watch a specific game, only switch channels to another game during time-outs or commercials to check the score. Do not switch channels to watch 10 minutes of Scandal you tapped.


Do leave when it’s over:

When the game is over, don’t linger at your buddy’s place, he wants you gone.   Say thanks and leave whatever your brought, even if only one beer of the six pack you came with is gone. Don’t take back your booze, it’s tacky.

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