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How to be a sub

When subbing in for your friends' rec league team, remind yourself that you were probably asked less because you’re just an extra body and more for the fact that your buddy thought you’d be a good addition and hopefully contribute to a winning effort. Here are a few rules to abide by when you get that call an hour before game time:

Give maximum effort.

Remember that you are a direct reflection of your friend who vouched for your ability. You never want a regular saying the words “who brought this guy, he’s not even trying.”

Show up on time.

If the 7PM game is cutting it close because of your work schedule, either don’t agree to be the sub, or give fair warning that you’re going to be late. Otherwise get there 15 minutes in advance.

Don't be a hog.

Think Gary Payton not Kobe Bryant. So you're a great shooter, amazing puck handler or have feet like Ronaldo, well guess what, all of your offensive skills mean nothing if you don’t get back on D. There’s a chance no matter how good you are that you’re offensive game might be off that day, either because it’s been a while since you last played or you’re just not used to playing with that team, but playing good D requires nothing more than a little hustle.   No one ever got mad at the sub who played too hard on defense, but you and your friend are almost certain to get dirty looks if you’re the black hole of whatever sports you’re playing. Don't be a hog.  

Don't demand more playing time.

You’re a sub and you’re not paying to be on the team, playing time priority goes to the regulars even if you are or feel you’re better than the regulars. Don't accept playing for 2 minutes, but don't demand more playing time than everyone else. 

Don't be the emotional leader. 

If you’re the type of player who normally gives advice and likes to tell people what to do and where to be on the court or field, then subbing may not be for you. Even if you’re the best player out there, no one wants to hear it from the sub unless it's an intelligent calmly delivered thought out tactic. You’re also not allowed to get mad at someone who missed a defensive assignment, which means you don’t get to say “who had that guy??!!.”  

Don’t yell at the refs.

If you get a bad call, don’t say anything to the refs that might hurt the team, let the captain do that.


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