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The Perfect Athletic Tee: A Year In the Making

By now you know that we think we've created the perfect basic athletic tee. Hopefully you've even had a chance to try it out yourself (if not, what are you waiting for?!?). What you may not know is how many rounds of samples we went through before we were completely happy with our shirts and excited to share them with you. The truth is we spent a year perfecting our design and going through countless samples...seriously, the picture below is just a sampling of our samples!

While many apparel startups these days go on Kickstarter and raise money with the promise of sending you a shirt at some unknown time in the future, we wanted to come to market with a fully formed product. Call us old-fashioned, but if we're taking your money we want to give you something great in return right away so we bootstrapped our design and development costs and focused completely on working with our local manufacturing partner and fabric suppliers to get exactly the fit and finish we wanted. Athletes Collective may be new to you, but we've been at this for awhile behind the scenes making sure we could offer you a shirt that any established brand would be proud to put their name on right from the start.

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